Review of remuneration settings

The Authority reviews the remuneration settings for local governments every 3 years. The review begins the year before a local government election year.

In the interim years elected members’ remuneration will be reviewed on a similar criteria used for the review of parliamentary remuneration.

Local government election year

At the beginning of each election year, the Authority will issue a list showing the councils’ rankings, their planned individual governance remuneration pools (NB: this is not a national pool) and minimum allowable councillor remuneration that will apply from 1 July.

This timing will allow existing councils to assess any changes and propose recommendations for remuneration based on the size of the pool available.

People considering running for office will have this information prior to the election. They will have an indication of the remuneration they could expect if elected as a councillor without any additional responsibilities.

Each council is expected to submit a proposal to the Authority towards the end of the first quarter of the calendar year in which the election is scheduled. We will issue a determination in the middle of that year which will have two parts:

  • Part One for the period from July 1 till the day on which the new council assumes office, and
  • Part Two for implementation when the new council takes office following the election.

When the new council takes office, all councillors except the mayor will receive the base councillor remuneration set out in Part One of that year’s determination.

For positions of responsibility including the subsequently elected chair of a regional council, the remuneration will apply from the date the new council makes its formal decision on roles. If newly elected councils wish to change the proposal they will have three months following the election to do so and submit the proposed changes to us for incorporation into a determination that will be backdated to the day after the new council made its formal decision on roles and appointments.

Non-election years

In the intervening years between the assessments of the governance pool and all local government elected members’ remuneration will be reviewed annually using similar criteria that the Authority uses for parliamentary remuneration.

Pay scale for elected members