Local government elected officials

The Authority sets remuneration for elected positions in local government. It also sets the rules for reimbursement of costs met by members in undertaking their duties. Both are unique to each local authority.

The Authority does not set remuneration for Chief Executives of local or regional authorities. That is the responsibility of the local/regional authorities.

Current remuneration for local authority elected members

Information on current remuneration for local authority elected members is in:


Methods and criteria for remuneration setting

There are different methods for setting local government remuneration as well as additional criteria:


Next Amending Determination

The next amending determination is scheduled for gazetting in late May 2018.

Councils who have made changes to their governance structure, their councillor responsibilities or their mayor/chair’s motor vehicle entitlement should complete the required form(s) and send them to the Remuneration Authority by Friday 20 April 2018.

In all cases where there is a change, councils need to wait till the amending determination is gazetted by the Authority before they can make additional payments to elected members. However, all payments will be backdated to the time (but not before 1 July 2017) when a councillor assumed a particular role or the mayor/chair assumed use of their motor vehicle.