Remuneration decisions

Decisions are independent and final

The Authority’s decisions on remuneration, both for groups and individuals, are final. This is to ensure the decisions are independent of Government.

The Authority is not required to consider budgetary issues within agencies when establishing remuneration, although the requirement to consider any prevailing adverse economic conditions inevitably causes the Authority to consider the impact of its determination on the sector more widely.

Remuneration Authority determinations are not considered or confirmed by Ministers or Parliament, reflecting the Authority’s independence.

The Authority’s decisions and binding on organisations and individuals.

Decisions of the Authority remain in force until superseded

Authority decisions on remuneration are called determinations.

The Authority normally sets remuneration for a year. Remuneration continues at that level until a new remuneration level is set.

The Authority sets remuneration against existing data, much of which is available only after the expiry of determinations. CPI, for example, is released 6 weeks after the date to which it refers. For this reason, any increase in remuneration is backdated to the expiry date of the previous determination.

The determination for services for MPs, such as accommodation and family member travel, is reviewed once during each Parliament.