Local Government

Role of the Remuneration Authority in setting remuneration for elected members of local authorities

Under schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002, the Remuneration Authority sets the remuneration for all elected members of local authorities including community boards. It also sets allowances and expenses. In undertaking its duties, the Authority is obliged to have regard to the need to minimise potential for behaviour distortion, maintain fair relativity with other levels of remuneration elsewhere, be fair to both elected members and ratepayers, and attract and retain competent persons. To learn more about the legal requirements, refer to the Remuneration Authority legal framework.


The following information applies to the determination that will come into effect on 1st July 2018, except where it is stated otherwise.

There is also information about the new approach that is bring transitioned in from now till the time of the 2019 local government election.

The information in the following sections of this website is also available as a single document:

Forms to use in 2018-2019

The following forms are for Council use in 2018-2019 if any council wishes to make further changes during the remainder of this triennium: