Plan, RMA and HASHA Hearings


Elected members are entitle to additional payments for the following work:

These fees are not part of the capped fund for positions of additional responsibility that is allocated to each council. Note also that while there is currently a cap on the total extra amount that councils can pay for positions of additional responsibility, there is no cap on the payment of fees for these hearings. This approach will not change following the 2019 election when the new governance pool approach is introduced.

The hourly rate paid is to be decided by the council up to the following amounts: $80 an hour for a hearing member and $100 an hour for a hearing chair.

The Authority does not have any jurisdiction over fees related to alcohol licensing hearings.

Preparation Time

Councillors undertaking these hearings are also paid for preparation time. Preparation time to be reimbursed should not exceed the time of the actual hearing. For example, if a hearing lasts for three hours then no more than three hours of preparation time may be paid. Preparation time may include time for reading, attending onsite meetings, or attending pre-hearing briefings/meetings.

Reimbursement will be at the same rates as those for actual hearings time. The chair of a hearing may also be paid for time sent writing up the decision or communicating for the purposed of the written decision.

Committee Chair Chairing a Hearing

If the chair of a council’s Hearings Committee undertakes resource consent hearings and is paid additional fees for that, those fees are in addition to what that person can be paid for the additional responsibility as chair of the Hearings Committee.

Mayors/Regional Chairs

Generally, mayors and regional chairs are not able to receive fees for participating in resource consent hearings. Fees might be considered in exceptional circumstances if there is a shortage of experienced hearing commissioners on the council and there is a significant hearing of a lengthy duration, which would create undue time pressure on the mayor or chair. In such circumstances, no fees should be paid without seeking prior approval from the Authority.