Remuneration for mayors and regional council chairs


The Authority now considers that, with the exception of the Mayor of the Chatham Islands, all mayors and regional council chair positions should be remunerated as full time. Remuneration for mayors and regional chairs will be based on the placement of each of their councils on one of the three size indices, plus the relationship that the Authority has established between local government and parliamentary remuneration.

Mayors/chairs (with the exception of the Mayor of the Chatham Islands) will no longer be able to claim travel time allowance and no additional remuneration can be provided to them, with the exception of fees for resource consent hearings in exceptional circumstances.

Plan, RMA and HASHA hearings

From 1 July 2018 the Authority is taking a “total remuneration” approach to mayor and regional chair remuneration. Mayors/chairs who chose to have a council-provided car will have their remuneration adjusted by their council, using the formula provided by the Authority.  The formula will be included in each annual determination. A limit has been set on the value of council-supplied vehicles, again with the formula provided in each determination. The purchase price of current vehicles, bought before 1 July 2018, will be “grand-parented” until they are disposed of by the Council or no longer used by the mayor/chair.