Travel time allowance


All elected members except mayors and regional council chairs (excluding the Mayor of the Chatham Islands), are entitled to claim an allowance for time travelled within New Zealand on council business, provided:

  • the journey is by the quickest form of transport reasonable in the circumstances; and
  • the travel time exceeds one hour; and
  • the travel time does not exceed nine hours (including the first hour which is not covered) within a 24 hour period.

The allowance is available each day for any business on behalf of the council or board or between the member’s residence and an office of the council or board. It is not available for overseas travel.

Mayors and regional council chairs, with the exception of the Mayor of the Chatham Islands, are not entitled to claim a travel time allowance because their roles are deemed to be full time and they are remunerated accordingly. In future the Authority may reconsider this entitlement for councillors whose role is assessed to be full time.


The current rate is $37.50 per hour in respect of ay qualifying travel that conforms to the criteria above.