Current annuity

Information on the current annuity for former Governors-General and spouses is in the following determination:

Governor-General (Annuities) Determination 2024 – New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Governor-General Act 2010

The Governor-General Act 2010, s.8, s.9 provides that:

  • an annuity for former Governors-General is set by the Remuneration Authority;
  • the annuity is a yearly rate for those who serve less than two years; a yearly rate for each complete year, up to five years, for those who serve two complete years or more; and
  • the surviving spouse of a Governor-General who dies after leaving office receives an annuity at half the annual rate that would have been paid to the former Governors-General.

Governor-General Act 2010 - NZ Legislation(external link) 

The annuity is reviewed every year and adjusted as appropriate.

For more background see the 2009 Law Commission’s Review Report on the Civil List Act 1979 the Governor-General, which was published on 17 December 2009.

Report on the Civil List Act 1979 - Law Commission(external link)