Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament remuneration

The Remuneration Authority sets an annual salary for Members of Parliament (MPs) and for the Prime Minister, Ministers, Speaker, Leader of the Opposition, Chairs of Committees and certain other roles.

Triennial review of Members of Parliament salaries and allowances

Review of Members of Parliament salaries and allowances 2023/24

Under section 19(6), the Remuneration Authority must begin a review of the salaries and allowances of Parliament within 3 months from the return of the writ after a general election.

The writ for the 2023 General Election was returned on 16 November 2023 and, accordingly, the Remuneration Authority has commenced its review of the Members of Parliament salaries and allowances.

Former Prime Ministers

Former Prime Ministers annuity and travel provisions

The Remuneration Authority sets the annuity and travel provisions for former prime ministers.