The Authority is prohibited by law from reducing the remuneration of any current incumbent of any of the roles it determines.

Decisions are independent and final

The Authority’s determinations, both for groups and individuals, are final and must be implemented. This is to ensure the decisions are independent.

When making a determination the Authority is not required to consider budgetary issues within agencies, although the requirement to consider prevailing economic conditions inevitably causes the Authority to consider the impact of its determination on the sector more widely.

The Authority’s determinations are not considered or confirmed by Ministers or Parliament, reflecting the Authority’s independence.

The Authority’s decisions are binding on organisations and on the individual role holders.

Further information

For more information on the setting of annual remuneration for specific roles such as the Governor-General, Members of Parliament, judicial officers and local government elected members, refer to the explanatory memorandum attached to their current determinations. 

You can access the current determinations on our information pages for each role: