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Local government members remuneration

The Remuneration Authority sets remuneration for members of local authorities, and also sets the rules for reimbursement of costs incurred by local government members while engaged on local authority business.

Pay for local government members

The Remuneration Authority’s approach to setting the remuneration and allowances of local government members.

Start and end dates of remuneration

The effective start and end dates of remuneration for local government members.

Governance remuneration pool

The governance remuneration pool provides the total amount that must be paid in remuneration to councillors in each individual council.

Mayors and regional council chairs

Remuneration for mayors and regional chairs is set directly by the Remuneration Authority and is not included in the council governance remuneration pool.

Community board members

Remuneration for community board members is based partly on population size and is relative to the remuneration of its local government members.

Auckland local board members

The Remuneration Authority sets the remuneration for Auckland local board chairs, deputy chairs and members, based on a size index developed for these boards.

Allowances for local government members

Local government members may be entitled to receive allowances while working on local authority business. Current allowances include:

Payments for hearings

Local government members may be paid for work on some types of hearings.

Council-provided vehicles

Mayors and regional council chairs who receive a council-provided vehicle will have the cost of its private use deducted from their annual remuneration.

Leave of absence

Local authorities resolve and adopt their own rules for granting an extended leave of absence to a local government member, mayor or regional council chair.